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Track Installation

 Fielder's Choice, Inc. has the experience and expertise to provide you with a track & field facility to be proud of. Your completed track & field facility will have the quality and appearance worthy of both school and community pride.

Some crucial components of a competition track are the interior trench drain, the asphalt application, and bonding of the surface to the asphalt. We’re prepared to do it all. If you are seeking: track construction or re-surfacing, long jump/triple jump runways & pits, shot-put and discus throwing areas & pads, and much more. Before installing any track surfacing there are a few key components that must be done correctly to assure the level surface needed for a quality track.

First, the sub-soil requires a Lime Stabilization at a depth of about six inches. This is to assure the soild underneath the track does not shift which would cause the track surface to crack or become undulated. The next step is to cover the stabilized subgrade with another six to eight inches of a Crushed Limestone Base, laser grade, and compact.

Once all of this is done, and the weather is dry, the synthetic surfacing is ready to be installed. We are currently partnered with Beynon Sports for the best synthetic surfaces in the industry. Choose between a "Base Mat Structural Spray System” or a "Full Pour application”, we will assure you a first class track and field event surface.

The next step is to install 3" of Asphalt.  Typically a high school track calls for 1 1/2" Type B HMAC Asphalt and 1 1/2" Type D HMAC Asphalt. Once poured, it is rolled smooth with a double drum roller to prevent any low spots that would hold water, or "Bird Baths".
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