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We offer a full range of sports field construction services that can be customized to best meet your team’s needs and budget. The majority of our services are performed in-house by our highly trained staff including state of the art laser grading, drainage installation, automated irrigation system installation, infield dirt work, USGA approved root zone sands, and artificial and natural turf installations. With our experience, resources and specialized equipment, we will work efficiently to install the highest quality fields. 

Field Installation

The stability of the soil below your new field is crucial to the longevity and performance of the playing field. Prior to construction, the site should be evaluated for soil stability. A Civil Engineered feasibility study is highly recommended to assure each project meets all county and city requirements for soil stability, site drainage, and permitting. The construction and installation of a natural turf or artificial turf field begins with a drain system designed specifically for each field. Drainage systems are designed to assure timely water removal from the playing surface, allowing continuous play with minimal interruptions due to standing water and wet conditions. Various drainage systems can be designed and installed based on existing conditions, City and/or County requirements, and budget. Fielder’s Choice has specialized in athletic field construction for over 16 years. Inclusive of soil stabilization, storm and field drain installation, automated irrigation installation, root zone installation and laser grading, sod installation, and grow-in maintenance, our crews are the best in the industry as shown by the quality of fields with the Fielder’s Choice signature attached. 

Track Installation

Some crucial components of a competition track are the interior trench drain, the asphalt application, and bonding of the surface to the asphalt. We’re prepared to do it all. If you are seeking: track construction or re-surfacing, long jump/triple jump runways & pits, shot-put and discus throwing areas & pads, and much more. Before installing any track surfacing there are a few key components that must be done correctly to assure the level surface needed for a quality track.

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